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Abridged is a podcast about bridges. Bridges play so many roles in our lives — as gateways to history, architectural icons, in-between spaces, and carriers of memories. But by design, they aren’t really destinations. We cross them to get from one point to another. Here on Abridged, we’re reconsidering that idea. Within the flow of traffic and trains and people, we’re going to stop and listen.


Each episode of Abridged is a standalone story. You’ll hear about a bridge that suddenly started singing, a photographer who’s climbed the bridges of New York City, a person who married a bridge, ants who build bridges out of their own bodies, and more.


Host and producer Rebecca Seidel has been obsessed with bridges for as long as she can remember. And in making this podcast, she discovered that she’s not the only one. So this podcast isn’t just a celebration of bridges, but of the people who love them.

Abridged is premiering as part of the 2023 Tribeca Festival. Learn more here.

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