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Abridged - Dave Frieder
Photo by Dave Frieder

Dave Frieder has climbed to the top of every major bridge in New York City. Perched atop their tallest towers, hundreds of feet above the water, he’s taken dizzying photos that capture the architectural beauty of these structures. He’s a former gymnast who’s not afraid of heights, so this was a perfect gig for him. But this was never just a job for Dave, or even just a hobby. No—because Dave is obsessed with bridges. He knows everything about them: how they work, who designed them, who built them. And even though his climbing days are mostly behind him, bridges are still his life’s calling. Even after a national tragedy changed it all.


Abridged is produced, sound designed, and mixed by Rebecca Seidel. The executive producers are Ian Enright and Megan Nadolski at Goat Rodeo.

See Dave’s photos and buy his book:

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